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Dark Black Eau de Parfum For Men – Natural Spray

$19.99 $13.95
This item is unopened and brand new in the manufacturer’s packaging box. It’s an impression, alternative or type of the original brand name, but not associated in any way with the creator of the original brand. *** Please contact customer service if you are unsure of what you are purchasing.

Invincible – Invictus Legend by Paco Rabanne – Version, Type, Impression, Alternative

$19.99 $13.95
An aromatic and woody fragrance for men that combines earthy notes with refreshing citrus and light florals. The cologne opens with bright top notes of grapefruit combined with complementing sea salt and a blend of sea notes. The heart layer grounds the fragrance, pulling it down with middle notes of bay leaf and warm spices mixed with geranium. Red amber and guaiac wood base notes provide the finishing touch to the fragrance.

Olympiada – Olympia by Pacco Rabanne Version, Type, Impression

$19.99 $13.95
It’s intended to bring all the sophistication and class to the younger generations. Lighter and fresher, draws the nose in with fresh opening notes of lemon, mandarin orange, neroli, bergamot, lime, and aldehydes. Middle notes are ylang ylang, jasmine, and may rose. The base notes for this fragrance are rich musk, vanilla, cedar, and orris root to keep with the timeless classic without sacrificing the simplicity of the scent.

Fluid Intense, Eau de Parfum, For Men – Bleu Alternative, Version, Type, Inspired, Impression

$128.00 $13.95
An intoxicating men’s fragrance. This invigorating and botanical scent has a touch of everything, mixing citrus, spicy and woody accords for a delectable aroma that evokes fantasies of outdoor summer adventures. Notes of potent ginger, cool mint, spicy nutmeg, pink pepper and various citrus accents open the cologne for a wildly enticing and energizing aroma. Meanwhile, floral additions of labdanum, rich jasmine and heady patchouli bring an earthy quality to the mix, while exotic incense, vetiver, sandalwood and cedar combine to dry down the cologne for an altogether refreshing and masculine fragrance.


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